• Hironobu FURIHATA, Architect
  • Residence in Azumino
    Residence in Azumino
  • Entrance of Residence
    Entrance of Residence
  • Residence in Saitama
    Residence in Saitama
  • Muryouji Temple, Matsumoto
    Muryouji Temple,
  • Genkan, Entrance of Residence
    Entrance of Residence
  • Usuki, Oita
    Usuki, Oita

Hironobu FURIHATA, Architect

1929 Born in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
1963 Established Furihata Architectural Design Office.
1990 Be awarded The Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan for
Specific Contribution.
"Achievements for many years which came to establish
the new methodology of traditional Japanese folk house revival"
2011 Be awarded over 50 prizes in all over Japan.
2013 50th Anniversary of the office.


Harmonize with architecture and climate.
Learn by traditional architecture.

  • Residence
  • Restaurant
  • Ryokan (Japanese inn)
  • Shop
  • Hospital
  • Temple
  • Church
  • Office
  • Museum
  • Public Facilities